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quiver 1

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intransitive verb

1 Tremble or move with a slight quick motion.

  • ‘You were instantaneously moved into an enchanting vista of cool water-filled ponds that quiver and shimmer with shadows that change making use of the time of day.’
  • ‘The foliage shook and quivered.’
  • ‘The earth shook and quivered underfoot.’
  • ‘She lead the feather as much as consider it also it quivered from inside the slight wind.’
  • ‘We also provide the varieties Astrantia big with environmentally friendly blooms filled with pinkish stamen which quiver in the slightest of breezes.’
  • ‘At the microscopic degree of character, all things are radiant – sap streaming, foliage and blades of lawn quivering within the wind – however the eye can scarcely see them.’
  • ‘Swung across the head by a string they build quivering have a glimpse at this site vibrations in the air and also have specific significance for initiation rites.’
  • ‘I liked the way in which the level simply converted by itself with quivering strands of content.’
  • ‘And it was a comfort when Jude swung the steel-hooked gaffing pole across the area, and hauled onboard a good, quivering muscle tissue of a seafood.’
  • ‘The fire quivered a little more then went.’
  • ‘She ended up being fulfilled with all the idea of a black sword quivering centimeters from the lady nostrils.’
  • ‘I regularly like carrying out that, jumping foot first into quivering hills of brown and yellow, throwing my personal means through the gutters where the dried leaves collected most useful.’
  1. 1.1 with object create (things) to help make a small quick motion.
  • ‘Joe is able to bail-out of EastEnders and try his give at anything apart from quivering their bottom part lip and having poor hair on your face.’
  • ‘At over 350 quid the manager is likely to quiver his base lip but my mind is made, i would like one.’
  • ‘We’d taken the car abreast of the hills east of Rosedale and three yards additional area of the glass a cooler wind quivered a lapwing’s crest.’
  • ‘Her vision comprise sealed, and she got quivering the lady mouth like an opera vocalist, although it was not affecting her performing whatsoever.’
  • ‘The women persisted to give the high-pitched label and quiver the woman wings for the next 20 seconds.’
  • ‘Some of photographs right here caused also this reviewer to quiver a jaded eyebrow.’
  • ‘He quivers his correct base and steers the debate on the sessions products they have backed for war veterans.’



A small shaking movement or noise, specially one brought on by an unexpected powerful feelings.

  • ‘He had noticed this lady shaking additionally the small quiver in her vocals as she done the girl facts.’
  • ‘He overlooked the small quiver within his vocals; in the end, these English areas echoed therefore strangely.’
  • ‘Although she have meant to appear indignant, the quiver in her own voice deceived the chuckle she had been controlling.’
  • ‘Steel and acoustic guitars, fiddles, banjo, guitar, accordion, harmonica, metal and straight bass establish a bulbous, classic sounds haunted from the quivers of music saws as well as other alien products.’
  • ‘Amy’s sound brimming the bedroom, hook, root quiver in her own build, like she did not wish listen most.’
  • ‘There’s just something where vocals, that small quiver that tells you he or she isn’t hidden behind anything.’
  • ‘the guy made an effort to keep their tone matter-of-fact and business-like, but he couldn’t entirely conceal the quiver of emotion while he spoke of leaving the lady.’
  • ‘Yes, it actually was purely the task that appealed to your, the guy advised himself, overlooking an abrupt quiver of air.’
  • ‘His face had been calm, although small quiver in his keywords betrayed your.’
  • ‘we noticed hook quiver in the people’s lip area, and my wonder, he dropped their gun, staggered aside, and collapsed to his knee joints.’
  • ‘He seemed peaceful, but we caught a quiver inside the voice.’
  • ‘The just indicator got the minor quiver of his higher lip as their sight bore into James.’
  • ‘Her hands trembled, an excellent quiver that rippled through the lady human body.’
  • ‘the lady muscles froze as she saw the language, the text that generated this lady quiver with worry.’
  • ‘The anger inside her face could make the bravest people worldwide quiver in anxiety.’
  • ‘I quietly cursed myself personally for quiver within my sound.’
  • ‘She stated, louder this time, in accordance with a-quiver in her vocals.’
  • ‘She ended up being happy with herself for keeping the quiver from their sound.’